Jrar Homepage

Welcome to the Jrar homepage. These pages will contain the latest releases of the Jrar program whenever it gets updated. At the moment there are a few very early screenshots and a few versions of the logo in the top left corner (click the logo to see them).

Once I know what I'm doing around here (this is my first time on a Sourceforge project) I'll get a download online and links to it on the left. Until then read around the docs and check out some other cool SF projects.

See you later and have fun

Update 24/05/04 - Update - Ok then, I found out why it wasn't checking the PATH for the RAR program, it was because I wasn't telling it to. The version I'm currently working on now checks it correctly but I don't want to release it just yet because I want some more imporvements to be made before the release is made.

Just a little, un-important comment. As of writing this the number of downloads is over 150 :^D This has taken me by supprise becuse I thought that this program is for such a small niche I expected maybe a download a week or something. Thank you for everyone that has downloaded it and tried it out. Please post any feedback you have, good or bad. I'd like to know what you think about it and what should be improved first and so on.
Thanks - Andy

Update 02/05/04 - Update number 3 - Important - I've just got my Linux VM up and running and done some testing of Jrar 0.40 and it doesn't seem to be able to find the RAR program while it's in the PATH. I'm going to be doing some checking of the code and of my system to find out where the problem lies. Expect another update soon - Andy

Update 02/05/04 - Update number 2 - I've finished Jrar 0.40, after some changes to my day I ended up spending it all on Jrar and so I've finished it earlier than I expected. The testing of archives has been removed for now but it does now have ful support for adding files to an already open archive. If there isn't an archive open then trying to add file will result in a file chooser poping up enabling you to create an new archive. This is planned and I will be adding a new button some point soon so you can create a new archive if there is one all ready open.

Other new things to note the buttons now use images (that's why this release id so much bigger). At the moment they are only PNGs with some text but when I get round to it I'll try to use my 1337 GIMP skills to create something a bit better (unless someone wants to donate some icons :^D please, I'm really bad at drawing things in any paint program. Please). I'm only using them as placeholders for now and to make sure it works fine and people don't have problems with them.

For people downloading the source code expect to see a lot of commented code in random places. I don't know how much, if any anymore, there is but I keep seeming to come across bits now and again. Also the code is rather uncommented with regards to letting you know what things do. I will be adding (useful) comments all the time, but of course if people wish to help comment it and send me what they've done I'll be very greatful of course :^)

That's it for now, hope you like this release, I think it's by far the best one yet (but then again I would say that :^D) - Andy

Update 02/05/04 - I've nearly got the code upto the same point as before with the extra feature of having some kind of icons (it's just a PNG with the text in it) - Andy

Update 18/04/04 - I'm still working on porting the code over to the new layout. It's not really that difficult but I'm having some internal conflicts as to how I should do it but I think I'm going to go for the 'more classes but more focused' approach. At the moment the new code can open a RAR file and extract the selected files from it but It doesn't have the ability to stop the extraction or add files to an archive. I've also been told not to expect the icons for Jrar anytime soon because of various reasons I won't go into here so if anybody would like to throw a set of icons together I could use for Jrar please get in touch with me and let me know, thanks. Any icons I end up using will of course be accredited to whoever designed them. Stay tuned for more news and updates :-)

Update 24/03/04 - I've put out version 0.35 of Jrar. This is about half way to version 0.4 (clever naming I think) and as a result you can't add a recovery record or add them as being solid. Despite this it should be useable by most people for most things. I'm releasing this instead of waiting to get it all working because I don't like the way I'm hacking the code to get it to wrk the way I want it to in version 0.5 and so I'm going to change all the code over now and version 0.4 should have all the changes but make it a better program. If you want to see what's going to happen then you can click here and see a nice little picture of what it's like now and what I hope it's going to be like when I've finished all the changes.

Update 23/03/04 - I'm still working on Jrar, and version 0.4 is still around the corner. The reason for it taking so long is because I'm going to be re-writting most of the code for version 0.5 to make it... well better. Because of this I'm trying to write the new code for version 0.4 so that it will fully work with the re-written code for 0.5 but it also means I'm having to re-write a lot of the code to get every thing to work right. Hopefully after I've finished the re-write adding the new features to Jrar sould be quicker than it currently is. Sorry for all this, I will get 0.4 out as soon as I can. I've also added a little roadmap so people can see when this is kind of heading - Andy

Update 20/03/04 - I've found out that both the Jar files on the download page are basically the same. I'm not sure what happened here but I must have compiled them wrongly or something. I'll upload the correct jrar-0.3-standard.jar as soon as I can.

Update - Download Link has been added. Currently version 0.3 of Jrar is available, but 0.4 should be just around the corner. Check it out now.