Current and future code layout


This is roughly how the program is currently working (as of versions 0.35 and before)
The lines represent messages between the different parts of the programs
As you can see messages are sent both ways for all parts to every other part
This gets very messy very quickly and it's very hard to intergrate new features

This is how I'm going to be re-writting the code. This way the main class controls the flow of everything and it's very easy to add new functions and maintain the code that is already there.
This is what the code should be like from versions after 0.35 and will take a bit of time to complete the changes


I really should have written the code in the latter way to start with, and I know this, now, but I started this project a long time ago and it started by just hacking bits on to little parts of code, which is why it's ended up like this.

I'll be spending the next few weeks changing all the code, and I think i'll release version 0.36 the same as version 0.35 but with the new code base. I'm not sure if the change will imporve speed, but I know it will make it a lot easier to work with, but for myself and other people wishing to mess with the code.