Currently planned Jrar roadmap

This is the current roadmap that I plan to try and stick to. Changes may be made often as I work on different things, so it is by no means set in stone. I'd say it's set in Tofu, or something like that :)

Update 02/05/04 - Because of the re-write of the code for version 0.40 I've re-done the roadmap. Also somethings require RAR to be registered so these things will be moved to past the 1.0 release. The creating of SFX archives has also been moved to some point past version 1.0. This is for 2 reasons, 1) I believe it to be used very rarely and that spending time of other parts would be more useful and 2) I also think that SFX archives can only be used on M$ OSs and because this is being designed for use mainly in Linux it would be pointless to include it. Support will be added at some point, just further into the future.


Version 0.1 - DONE

Support for opening RAR files and displaying the contents in a scrollable table

Version 0.2 - DONE

Opened RAR files can be tested and files that end with .rar yet aren't genuine RAR files aren't opened.

Version 0.3 - DONE

Added support for extracting the files to a specified folder. Single files can't be extracted, only the whole file

Version 0.4 - DONE

Single files can be extracted by selecting them, test support for adding files to the open archive
Multiple files can be extracing them using the CTRL key, adding files fully supported

Version 0.5 - Currently working on

Adding files should now fully work, first working version that should be useable by most people
Creating new archives should be possible, testing of archives will be re-implemented

Version 0.6

Deleting files from the archive now works and the ability to protect the archive should be working

Version 0.7

Creating new archives is possible
Viewing files from within the archive beta support (Using an internal text viewer)

Version 0.8

Viewing files from within the archive beta support. Initially for simple text files using an internal window (Possibly open non-text files with default system viewer)
Files should be opening inside an internal text editor and alpha/beta support for opening files using the defalut system viewers. Start of adding right-click pop-up menus.

Version 0.9

The ability to create a self extracting RAR archive
Most things should now work and all remaining bugs should be ironed out for version 1.0 to hit the streets

Version 1.0

Fully working RAR frontend. Any future releases will include more advanced features and bug fixes