What is Jrar?

Jrar is a frontend for the rar and unrar programs from RARlabs. The rar programs compress files to help save disk space. The compression from these is usually greater than the more popular ZIP format.

Who is Jrar for?

Since Jrar is programmed in Java it is usable on any computer that has a copy of the Java2 runtime enviroment installed, however it is primarily disgined for people running GNU/Linux and other OSs that currently don't have a graphical frontend capable of opening the rar format archives.

What do I need to run Jrar?

Any operating system that supports Java.

An installation of the Java2 runtime enviroment, version 1.4.0 at least, we recommend obtaining version 1.4.2_03.

A copy of the RAR and UNRAR programs available from www.rarlabs.com. These need to be found in a PATH folider or placed in the same folder as the Jrar JAR file.

How do I run Jrar?

If you're using Windows and installed the Java2 runtime correctly you just need to double click on the Jrar.jar file and this will launch the program.

If you're using GUN/Linux then again, double clicking on the downloaded JAR file should launch the program.

If you recieve an error please read the troubleshooting section for help.

What do all these buttons do?

From the screenshot above you can see there are 8 buttons in the main window. From left to right they do the following...

Open - This will open a file selection window for you to find the RAR archive you which to open. Select the file and double-click it or click 'Open'

Add - This will open another file selector where you can choose the files you wish to add to the currently open archive

Extract To - This will open a window asking where you wish to extract the files to. If you have selected some files from the list only those files will be extracted

Test - If you think the archive might be damaged click this and it will check the integraty of the archive

View - Temporatly extract the file and open it with it's default viewer

Delete - Deletes the currently selected files from the open archive

SFX - This will create a file that can be extract by anybody, even if they haven't got a copy of the RAR programs

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