Main contact points

At the current moment in time the only developer is moi, Andrew Smith, and you can contact me at espadav8 at users dot sourceforge dot net


Thanks go out to my good friend Peter Smith for providing me with the (soon to be released) icons used in Jrar.

Other thanks go to Barr for producing the wonderfull drinks Tizer and Irn-Bru without which I'd have to sleep instead of program.

Disclamer and other stuff

As stated in the GPL that this is released under there is NO WARRANTY and the program is provided AS IS. If anything goes wrong let me know and I'll try and fix it in a new release but I will not be held responsible for any damages that come about by using this program.

WinRAR and the RAR programs are (c) 1993-2004 Eugene Roshal and information about these can be found at Any comments/complaints/problems about those programs please get in touch with them. Jrar is only a frontend for the command line program and I have no input to the RAR programs themselves and thus any problems with them I cannot help you with.